The Solutions Focus Coaching Masterclass refines coaching skills by integrating pragmatic and proven Solution Focused methods – more intentionally – into coaching and all your conversations. This two-day advanced-skills workshop delves into Solution Focus and the way in which it integrates with the GROWTH model and core coaching skills.

The Solution Focused methodology will change the direction of your conversations, enabling your organisation to move easily to a creative and enabling mindset in which there is positive progress towards broader organisational goals.

Solution Focus is a powerful yet subtle approach to positive change. From origins twenty years ago, it is now being used by major corporations, top business schools and many coaches and consultants as the methodology of choice where effective, respectful and lasting change is wanted. The Solution Focus approach will help you to work with change, emergence and the unexpected more confidently. The philosophy is practical and can be used in any form of interaction whether with teams, members of staff, or even in your personal conversations. You will build a greater awareness of the impact of words and language – and use them even more skillfully.


During the Solutions Focus Coaching Masterclass you will:

  • Learn how to integrate proven Solution Focus (SF) tools and concepts into your coaching
  • Use an emergent tool-based approach to better respond to the client – using the six Solution Tools and five SF Boosters
  • Learn to focus more on the clients and their language
  • Work in a broader range of contexts, building on a ‘not-knowing’ approach
  • Understand the philosophical principles of Solution Focus coaching, based on the assumption that ‘change is happening all the time’
  • Build extra flexibility and confidence to work with whatever happens


  • Solution Focused welcome – using the tools to set up the day
  • What we already know – the GROWTH framework as a coaching foundation
  • The Albert Model – problem focus vs solution focus
  • Problem to Platform – engaging and contracting
  • Future Perfect – engaging creativity to define direction
  • Scaling – an unreasonably effective tool for building progress
  • Know-how – deploying the know-how of the performer, coach and others
  • Affirming what’s working – bringing strengths to the fore
  • Devising small actions – to quickly build progress
  • Counters – build on what’s better
  • Coaching practice sessions – practice using tools separately and together


  • Leaders who want to understand and enhance their own response to change and challenge
  • Leaders who want to develop their teams to become more solution focused, creative and empowered, particularly in times of organisational change
  • Coaches who wish to build their own coaching skills by integrating an intentional Solution Focused approach
  • This is an advanced coaching skills program. Intending participants will have already have attended a GCI program such as Introduction to Leadership Coaching.


Phase 1 – Program Preparation
Phase 2 – 2-day Workshop
Phase 3 – Recognition of Program Completion


$790 + GST = $869.00

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