Agile Leadership for School Improvement

The Agile Leadership for School Improvement program will build on each school leader’s ability to collectively drive school improvement.


As a partnership between the School Improvement Unit, QELi and regional leaders, this leadership program is designed to support Principals and school leadership teams having a school review in 2020. Participants will learn that challenges unique to the context of their school require a different form of leadership behaviour. Adaptive leaders are self-aware, have agency over their ability to make a difference, and they mobilise their teams with clarity of vision, a precise plan of action, and strong instructional leadership. Aligned to each school’s context and improvement agenda, the program will support leaders’ empowered mindset and strategies in leading change focused on an ambitious and detailed action plan for improvement. The program will build on leaders’ instructional leadership in supporting and building expert teaching teams, through effective coaching and feedback in improving outcomes for students and school communities.

The program will build a leadership team approach and network of colleagues working together to foster a culture of trust, mutual collaboration, and a shared vision for all schools to achieve improved outcomes.

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Applied to each school’s context and unique challenges, participants will:

  • Build on their empowered leadership mindset and strategies in building a team, setting the direction, inspiring change and sustaining momentum throughout the year
  • Employ effective strategies for classroom coaching and feedback and gain a deeper understanding of how to use evidence to inform teaching and learning.
  • Develop the skills to lead sustainable initiatives that can be scaled up across the school and to other schools
    Create strategies to improve your resilience to cope with the challenges and complexities of the role.


  • Multi-modal 6-month program
  • Leadership modules of learning on; Leadership mindset, Leading change, Organisational planning and clarity, Evidence Informed Decisions, Sustainability and Scalability, and Resilience.
  • Focused on implementation of the school’s action plan following a priority support review
  • Opportunity for Principals and school leadership teams with collaborative engagement with peers in developing a learning network.
  • Combination of theory and practice.

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