Learn how to build a personal performance mindset, powered by resilience, to both thrive and deliver excellent outcomes for both yourself and students alike.

Ideally, participants would attend all four webinars to gain maximum benefit and be in a position to deliver sustainable ongoing benefits However, the program is modular by design to accommodate participants who are unable to attend all four to select those modules that will deliver the best personal outcomes and results.


Webinar 1 – Bounce

Defining resilience, how it fails and how to bounce forward with insights that are both practical and science based. Key focus area here is on the ability to master stress both tactically and in an ongoing way, the role that relaxation plays in combining with stress mastery to underpin performance.

Webinar 2 – Grow

Embedding the fundamentals of performance powered by resilience by learning practical and effective strategies to build vitality and healthy living in to your daily practice. Key focus areas are the trilogy of exercise, nutrition and sleep and the relationship of impulse control and positivity to performance.

Webinar 3 – Connect

Key focus on the role of emotional literacy through insight, style and mastery. How to have situational flexibility, impulse control and emotional regulation to be able to appropriate influence outcomes and performance.

Webinar 4 – Flow

Core to delivering sustainable high performance outcomes is the understanding and application of Flow, situational awareness and agility and the decisions that allow for ongoing optimal performance, including how to permanently set practices to sustain that performance.


The program is suitable for all positions.


Phase 1 – Webinar Details Email
Phase 2 – 1.5 hour Webinar
Phase 3 – Certificate of Completion



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