Building Dynamic School Councils

Building Dynamic School Councils is a one-day interactive program which unpacks the concept of governance as it applies to state schools in Queensland, explores the relationships and processes which help ensure success, determines the aspects of a successful team, and points to existing examples of successful practice.

Facilitated by Mark Campling, Leadership Consultant and former Regional Director, Metropolitan Region, Department of Education, the program has been deliberately designed to involve participants in contextualised and evidence-based discussions addressing questions such as:

  • What is the work of an effective school council and what is not?
  • How should a school council go about its work to achieve the best outcomes?
  • What is the experience both in Queensland and other jurisdictions?

Program Objectives

You will gain an understanding of:

  • the roles and responsibilities of school councils in Queensland state schools;
  • the composition and relationships with other key players including the Principal and P&C to help ensure success; and
  • the aspects of a successful team and examples of successful practice.

Suitable for: Principals, school council chairs and representatives of school councils.

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