Change Management – Daring to Lead Through Change

QELi is delighted to partner with Anna Ranaldo (CDTL), Founder and Director of Collective Courage, to offer Dr Brené Brown’s highly-regarded Change Management – Daring to Lead Through Change program to Dare to Lead™ Online or Face-to-Face program graduates. 


How do we equip our leaders with the courage and change skills required to drive adaptive, emotionally agile workplaces?

Change Management ~ Daring to Lead through Change is a collaboration between Anna Ranaldo of Collective Courage, a Dare to Lead™ Certified Facilitator (CDLF) & Aspen Solutions – a powerhouse in helping organisations plan for and maximise their change management.

What makes this Change Management Program unique?

Based on over 440,000 pieces of empirical data, Dr Brené Brown’s research found that “fear of irrelevance’ was the number one shame trigger in organisations. In a world of rapid growth in artificial intelligence and unprecedented change globally, left unchecked this fear is key barrier to change agility. Our gritty program delves deep in emotional intelligence, resistance to change and provides practical tools to deliver successful change.

Program Objectives

1. Understand the Aspen Change Management Framework for success
2. Complete a Change Assessment to determine scope, readiness & risk
3. Understand Dr Brené Browns four key skills of courage
4. Maximise Stakeholder groups utilising BRAVING model of Trust
5. Complete a Barriers to Success Assessment & Purpose to People Plan


The Change Management – Daring to Lead Through Change program is a multi-phase program incorporating synchronous and asynchronous activities across Three phases:

Phase 1 – Program Preparation
Phase 2 – One-day Workshop
Phase 3 – Certificate of Completion (Recognition)


Dare to Lead™ online or face-to-face programs Graduates 


$750.00 + GST
= AUD$825.00

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