(Formerly Phase 4)


The Coaching Accreditation Program: Intensive Coaching Module (Formerly Phase 4) is optional but required if you wish to seek accreditation in the GCI coaching system and the rights to use GCI coaching systems and materials in your practice.


Undertaking the Intensive Coaching Module (Formerly Phase 4) provides the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, skills and experience of coaching. This is achieved by:

  • Gaining additional insights into coaching through the experience of being coached by a skilled coach
  • Receiving coaching supervision and support for the coaching that you undertake with real coachees in your workplace
  • Receiving feedback on your coaching through the ‘Coach the Coach’ process
  • Ongoing structured written reflection on the experience of coaching your coachees and your own development

Specifically, the Intensive Coaching Module (Formerly Phase 4) comprises the following activities:

  • Six 1-hour sessions with your GCI coach. This will provide you with support and supervision of your coaching.
  • You will coach 2 coachees (6 x 1 hour sessions each) and submit a coaching log for each.
  • You will complete a ‘coach the coach’ session, where you will coach your GCI coach and receive feedback.
  • You will keep a reflective journal or log on your coaching journey which will be evaluated through a short written summary of your key insights.


$2 150 + GST = $2 365.00


To be eligible to register for the Intensive Coaching Module (Formerly Phase 4) you need to have completed Phase 3 of the Coaching Accreditation Program within the past 12 months.

If you completed the program prior to the 12 months, please contact QELi via

Completion of the Intensive Coaching Module (ICM) is required within 6 months of the first coaching session.


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