Coaching Through Instructional Leadership

Coaching Through Instructional Leadership is a five-month program that focuses on developing effective coaches who can lead and drive pedagogical improvement. The Program provides ongoing, job embedded professional development for teacher leaders and school leaders to improve teacher practices and positively impact on student learning. The aim of the program is to build your leadership and coaching knowledge and expertise as a key leader in your school, and to support you to engage with teachers and colleagues in your context.

Program Structure:

  • Phase 1 – Program Preparation and Readings
  • Phase 2 – Two-day Workshop
  • Phase 3 – In-school Project and Coaching
  • Phase 4 – One-day Workshop
  • Phase 5 – Reflective Learning, Mentoring and School Based Leadership Challenge Submission
  • Phase 6 – Project Evaluation and Feedback

Suitable for: School leaders focussed on pedagogical improvement including coaches, heads of department and heads of curriculum.

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