Crucial Conversations® Face-to-Face 2022

Whenever you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, it’s likely a crucial conversation is keeping you stuck. Whether it’s a problem with parent/teacher relationships, student conflicts, teacher/staff issues or mental health and well-being challenges, if you can’t create a psychologically safe place to talk honestly, with nearly anybody about almost anything, you can expect poor results.

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“The capacity to master crucial conversations does not simply predict individual effectiveness–it is also one of the most potent drivers of organisational performance.”

– Kerry Patterson, Crucial Conversations, ©2002

Crucial Conversations® training teaches participants to:

Speak Persuasively, 
not abrasively

Foster Teamwork
and better decision making

Build Acceptance
rather than resistance

individual and group disagreements


Crucial Conversations® teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics—at all levels of your organization. By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same), you’ll surface the best ideas, make the highest-quality decisions, and then act on your decisions with unity and commitment.


Crucial Conversations® Training infuses fourteen hours of classroom time with more than 60 original video clips of “before and after” situations. Enjoy video-based instruction from the authors of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High. Engage in extensive in-class practice, group participation, and personal reflection as you explore and master these crucial skills.


Teacher Leaders, Middle Leaders, Deputy Principals, Principals and System Leaders.


$995 + GST = $ 1094.50


  • Crucial Conversations Participant Toolkit© (157-page training workbook)
  • Cue cards and model card
  • A copy of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High, 2nd edition
  • Crucial Conversations Audio Companion (delivered as MP3 file)
  • A course completion certificate
  • Post-training participant website: videos, exercises, assessments, additional reading, and more (

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ABOUT VitalSmarts®

VitalSmarts Australia and New Zealand are the exclusive licensees for all VitalSmarts training in Australia and New Zealand. Based on more than 30 years of research, VitalSmarts training solutions are built on the principle that organizational performance has less to do with processes, systems, and perks—and everything to do with people. Our focus on performance has led us to identify four high-leverage skill sets demonstrated by the best of the best. When work is routine, top performers behave like everyone else. But as soon as stakes are high, projects turn crucial, and results are on the line, top performers behave differently. They’re masters of dialogue, accountability, influence, and productivity. These are the skills we teach in our award-winning training courses: Crucial Conversations®, Crucial Accountability®, and Influencer®. These training solutions have repeatedly proven to secure profound change for our client organizations and more than 2 million individuals worldwide.

Listen to Roger Hunter from Crucial Conversations, talk through 3 essential skills that will help leaders and their schools building back better.

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