Empowering leaders to improve student, school, system and organisational outcomes, through high quality professional learning

QELi designs and delivers programs, products and services that support the development of leadership capability and capacity within the education sector in Queensland, Australia and internationally.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

Our goal is to be the global leader in developing educational leaders. Achieving this goal means that we continually review the outcomes of our programs, our services, our facilitators, and our staff, to ensure that they incorporate the very latest evidence. We continually strive for excellence – in ourselves and all that we do.

Vital Investment

The impact of your interaction with QELi will continue to be felt long after your experience has concluded. We strive to provide products and services that benefit you personally and professionally.

Rewarding Experience

Your experience with us will surpass your expectations – from interacting with us via our website, registering for a program, attending a program, or engaging us to work with your team. We aim to understand your needs and deliver more than you expect.


From your interactions with our online and digital presence, through to phoning us, meeting with us, and participating in a program – everything about us tells you that we are professional and we care about you as our customer. We are accessible and responsive to your needs.