Deep Learning Australia
with Joanne McEachen, CEO/Founder of The Learner First (USA/Australia),
Executive Committee for Karanga: The Global Alliance for Social Emotional Learning
and Life Skills and Co-Founder of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (Global)

Join QELi and Joanne McEachen for a day of Deep Learning Australian style. We know the tools are used globally but how do we personalise these to our country and ensure that they work for our learners? We will be focusing this session on the 6C’s (character, citizenship, communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity) to encompass the skills and dispositions necessary for all of our learners in Australia to be successful in our schools and in life.


What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning Australia is part of a whole system approach that puts The Learner First.


Joanne will take you through a series of experiences so you can create your own implementation plan for using these tools in your own schools the very next day.

During the masterclass, you will:

  • Become familiar with the language of the 6C’s and how they fit into a whole system change process.
  • Explore what is real evidence to prove that students have achieved success.
  • Design an implementation plan for how to use them across your school for the 2020 year.


A leading voice in the global education community, Joanne McEachen brings years of experience working with and within all levels of the school system to offer insights and strategies that change the lives of students and teachers. Since working as a teacher, principal, regional manager and whole-country school-system leader in New Zealand, and now globally, Joanne has focused on students’ development of the deeper learning outcomes which are self-understanding, knowledge, competency, as well as connections that lead to meaning, fulfillment and lifelong success. She is an expert on deeper learning measurement, assessment, and whole-system change through a cultural lens, and her insights are illuminated by continued hands-on experience, partnering with diverse groups and schools around the world.