Developing Self and Others Using the DiSC Profile

School leaders play an important role in ensuring that their schools are characterised by ‘high quality connections’ where things get done and where trust and strong relationships are the norm. This is a powerful program for leaders seeking to manage more effectively by learning about their own management preferences and priorities and how to manage, motivate, direct and develop others. It offers the opportunity for greater awareness of self – and others – through an interpersonal, flexible and rapport-driven approach to leadership and coaching for greater impact.

The DiSC® Management Profile is a highly practical tool that helps leaders to bring out the best in themselves and those they lead – building trust, improving communication, and increasing engagement.

Program Structure: A one-day face-to-face session.

Suitable for: DiSC® Management Profile is for principals, heads of departments, team leaders and anyone in a school or system leadership role. DiSC® Workplace Profile is offered as an alternative and is designed for those who are not necessarily leading others. 

Developing Self and Others Using the DISC Profile is delivered as an in-school program. QELi and GCI will deliver this program directly to you and your team on site, at you school or chosen location. For further information and to register interest, please email