Engaging Previously Disengaged Parents
Improving Student Learning

‘Parents and families are valued as partners in student learning’

– National School Improvement Tool, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

It is apparent that parents have a very significant impact on their child’s approach to school and their actual learning while at school and home. Great teaching and great leadership in school communities go a long way toward maximising the influence of parents. Schools try hard to invite parents into the world of student learning yet sometimes meet roadblocks. Sometimes parents perhaps most in need of deeper and more informed engagement are the very parents who appear least willing or prepared to take up the invitation. It may seem counterintuitive to focus on disengaged parents as the conduit to improved whole-of-school achievement and wellbeing but the point is clear ‒ without improved engagement from the most disengaged parents the road to higher overall student achievement, let alone that of the children of those parents, is fraught with difficulty.

Engaging Previously Disengaged Parents, facilitated by Howard Nielsen and Ellena Stone, focuses on strategies to involve disengaged parents so that they can become positive co-educators of their children. Some of the strategies may require educators to think differently about their approach and the latest neuroscience research gives us a renewed platform for the way we go about engaging the disengaged.

Program Objectives

By attending this masterclass, you will develop your capacity to:

  • engage all parents and families as integral members of your school community and in-particular build the capacity of disengaged parents to act as effective co-educators of their children;
  • identify and support parents on the basis of their contribution to improved student achievement and wellbeing; and
  • build clarity around the co-educative roles and responsibilities of parents and school staff.

The process recognises the aspirations schools have to achieve outcomes consistent with the National School Improvement Tool and the parent partnership frameworks existing in education systems.

Program Structure: Program pre-readings and a one-day face-to-face workshop

Suitable for: Teachers, Principals, deputy principals, curriculum leaders, heads of department, parent leaders and community liaison staff

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