DoE State Schools 2021

QELi co-facilitated with the Department of Education QLD the Facilitation of Intentional Collaboration through the Inquiry Cycle Program in 2021.

The Facilitation of Intentional Collaboration through the Inquiry Cycle Program was built to enable participants to become facilitators (a resource for their region) to support facilitating the inquiry approach with intentional collaboration networks (such as Clusters).


The program will broaden your understanding and enable you to:

  • Build your skills, self-confidence and understanding on facilitating/ presenting a high impact interactive program
  • Develop an understanding of the neuroscience of human behaviour to enhance your facilitation (David Rocks SCARF model and Pinks 3 Drivers of Human Behaviour)
  • Explore facilitation tools to enable high engagement and participation


  • Two-day residential face-to-face workshop
  • Readings and reflecting on professional articles and research
  • Discussions and activities with your facilitator and program participants to deepen your understanding of professional and difficult conversations
  • Interaction – Participants will be able to interact in a variety of ways to learn how to effectively hold professional and difficult conversations

Program Testimonial

Target Audience

Regionally nominated participants – System leaders – Assistant Regional Directors, Directors, Principal Education Officers, Principal Advisors, Senior Advisor, Lead Principals, Lead Coach, CLAW coordinator, Manager Diverse Learners; School leaders – Principals, Deputy Principals; State Schools Performance – School Autonomy and Improvement team members.

What were the objectives you had in mind for the programs?

Our objective was to create and deliver a new professional development program, building system and school leaders’ capability to facilitate inquiry within intentional collaboration networks/clusters across the state.

What impact did the program have for your Diocese?

The program built capability and confidence in system and school leaders to effectively facilitate and support inquiry-based system/school improvement within intentional collaboration networks/clusters across the state.


This program allowed participants to develop a deeper understanding of inquiry and its place in the State Schools Improvement Strategy (DoE). A variety of  facilitation skills and strategies were revealed to promote effective intentional collaboration in a range of system and school settings. Participants valued the opportunity to engage with the presenters, network with leaders from across the state, share ways of working with existing resources and collaborate to develop new resources.

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