Dr Simon Breakspear’s Foundations of Learning Sprints

Presented by Bronwyn Ryrie Jones

QELi is proud to offer Dr Simon Breakspear’s one-day interactive workshop, Foundations of Learning Sprints, presented by Bronwyn Ryrie Jones, Lecturer and Doctoral Candidate, University of Melbourne.

Developing the individual and collective expertise of teachers is the number one investment leaders can make to lift learner outcomes. Learning Sprints is a simple, structured and powerful team-based method that enables teacher teams to engage in collaborative, evidence-informed improvement work for student achievement. Harnessing the collaborative time that you already have available, the Learning Sprints approach can help your school to rapidly improve outcomes through building the collective efficacy of your teachers.

The masterclass will explore literature about effective teacher learning and development, discuss core elements of the Learning Sprints process, and explain how the Learning Sprint process can be applied to improve outcomes in your school. It is suitable for team leaders, lead teachers, middle leaders, deputy principals and principals.

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