Foundations of Teaching Sprints with Dr Simon Breakspear

A Practical Program for School Leaders

QELi is delighted to invite you to Foundations of Teaching Sprints with Dr Simon Breakspear. 

Teaching Sprints provides a simple, effective and field-tested approach to support teachers in continually enhancing their practice. Teaching Sprints is a flexible organisational routine that supports robust teacher professional learning. It consists of three phases: Prepare, Sprint and Review. During ‘Prepare’, teams engage in rich dialogue about student learning and consider relevant research to identify a precise focus for improvement work. They then go into the ‘Sprint’ phase, where they test out their new learning through short, manageable cycles of teaching in the classroom. A Teaching Sprint ends with explicit ‘Review’: analysis of the evidence of student learning, and consideration of how to transfer new pedagogical knowledge and skills into future practice.

This dynamic one-day workshop provides school and teacher leaders with a thorough understanding of the Teaching Sprints approach to collaborative teacher professional learning. Numerous research studies confirm that teaching quality has the largest in-school influence on student learning, and that high-quality professional learning can lead to improvements in student achievement.

In this practical workshop, Dr Simon Breakspear will introduce you to the Teaching Sprints process, and you will leave equipped with the knowledge of what makes for successful team and school implementation.

Suitable for: Principals, school and teacher leaders

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