QELi is delighted to partner with Tracey Ezard to offer the Ferocious Warmth Webinar.

Educational leadership is a daily dance. It requires a healthy balance of head and heart, cognitive and emotional reasoning, people and task focus. Yet the stresses of the complexity present in schools can mean that reflection on and growth in our leadership moves to the bottom of the to-do list. The impact of leadership on school improvement cannot be underestimated. The Ferocious Warmth approach gives leaders an easily accessible framework to guide the skill of using head and heart in duality not polarity. This capability assists leaders to navigate the seeming paradox that leadership requires of us in these complex times: explicit yet empowering, director, yet co-creator, challenging yet creating psychological safety.


This practical session explores:

  • The importance of understanding self in leading others, and then impact of our leadership
  • Where our default behaviours can be both strengths and shadows
  • The impact of out of balance leadership on those we lead, and our improvement journey
  • How unmet need and lack of connection can move us to the extremities of leadership
  • Useful ways to recalibrate back to centre and build an approach of Ferocious Warmth


The webinar is suitable for Teachers and leaders in all phases of education.


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Tracey Ezard is known for her ‘Ferocious Warmth’ leadership approach and professional collaborative culture. Tracey’s collaborative framework The Buzz which creates an environment of learning, trust and innovation is used in education and organisational systems throughout Australia and the UK. Her Buzz Diagnostic on collaborative cultures has been used by over 450 schools and has had over 11,000 people participate. Tracey has run leadership, cultural and strategic programs for over 15 years in Australia and in New Zealand. She also works with education federations in the UK. 

Tracey is an educator and former Principal class member in the Victorian state system, a National Fellow of the Australian Council of Education Leaders (FACEL) and a Certified Speaking Professional.

Tracey is an author of three books. In 2021, Tracey launched her third book ‘Ferocious Warmth – School Leaders Who Inspire and Transform’.  Her first book The Buzz has now expanded to an online academy (www.thebuzz.academy) designed to support leaders in schools sustain their culture.

Tracey is board chair of the social enterprise, The Corner Store Network, which aims to eradicate food poverty issues both in Timor Leste and in Australia. She has been running her own speaking and consulting practice for seventeen years. She has two adult children, two dogs and when not at work loves spending time exploring the world.

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