Health and Wellbeing for Educators and Leaders

Teaching and school leadership are immensely rewarding but also highly demanding roles. Levels of responsibility and accountability, the
emotional and cognitive challenges of the job, and work-related stressors contribute to higher than average occupational stress and burnout
rates for teachers and principals.

QELi understands these unique challenges of teaching and school leadership and can work with you to develop and deliver a customised
staff wellbeing program, drawing on evidence and contemporary best practice in health and wellbeing. The aim is to equip participants with a
deeper understanding and self-awareness of their own wellbeing (physical, psychological, social, and occupational) and tools to proactively
build their resilience.

Available in a blended or face-to-face delivery mode, QELi can create a customised health and wellbeing for educators and leaders program
that would focus on the science of emotions, building resilience and mindfulness.

Expression of interest:
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