QELi in partnership with the Ed Institute are pleased to offer the Introduction to Design Thinking Masterclass.

Design thinking is an innovative and creative way to solve complex problems in the educational environment. Irrespective of whether you are a classroom teacher, a school leader or system manager – understanding principles around human centred design will prepare you to embrace and then strategically navigate your way through complexity. Developing these skills will allow you to innovate solutions in your context by designing new ideas with the people that a problem is directly impacting.

By using the tools of human centred design you will be equipped to understand your educational environment through lenses of positivity and purpose, whilst also being prepared to inspire your colleagues and students to create their own solutions for challenges relevant to them


The Introduction to Design Thinking Masterclass is a highly practical face-to-face workshop that is as enjoyable as it is stimulating. It will enable you to:

  • Explore the way systems work together (Leadership skill: Systems thinking) 
  • Approach people and their opportunities through empathy (Leadership skill: Empathetic Design) 
  • Ideate possibilities for solutions with purpose (Leadership skill: Design Thinking) 
  • Create meaningful changes that are sustainable and relevant (Leadership skill: Future forecasting)


  • One-day face-to-face workshop
  • Be prepared with the latest insights and research
  • Interaction with fellow participants to workshop and connect around innovative ideas


All educators, school leaders and system innovators


Welcome & Preparation


$550 + GST = $605.00


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Ian Thomson is one of Australia’s leading experts on the use of human centered design and student led innovation in the educational realm. In his ten years as an executive teacher he worked in a range of roles including student engagement, technology and policy development.

He was nominated for the ACT school leader of the year in 2018 and led educational interventions that received an ACT violence prevention award and an order of Australia recognition.

He was a Professional Associate at The University of Canberra and is finishing his  Doctorate with a focus on the use of design thinking in the educational setting.

Prior to his work as a teacher, Ian worked in TV and Cinema with his production featuring at festivals such as TropFest, Palm Springs, and the Berlin flim festival.

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