QELi, in partnership with GCI, is proud to support teachers and leaders with a Introduction to Leadership Coaching program. This two-day program explores Growth Coaching International’s proven GROWTH model for having coaching conversations with individuals and teams. This is a very practical program, designed to introduce participants to leadership coaching.


The Introduction to Leadership Coaching program is designed to:

  • Provide a clear understanding of what coaching is
  • Build confidence to use the GROWTH coaching framework immediately
  • Build familiarity with all elements of the GROWTH Coaching System
  • Provide a practical way of setting and achieving professional goals
  • Provide an opportunity for direct experience of the impact of coaching conversations applied to real education topics
  • Develop greater confidence and skill in giving feedback
  • Build consolidated knowledge and skills as a result of more practice with feedback


  • Introduction to the proven GROWTH coaching system
  • Explore the GROWTH MODEL
  • Develop ISMART goals
  • Apply the 8 Key Coaching SKILLS
  • Explore and understand Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand the Way of Being for coaching conversations
  • Watch and listen to modelling of the GROWTH coaching model in application to a range of workplace conversations
  • Practice giving feedback and link to coaching
  • Develop next steps for taking coaching forward in your context
  • Build or continue to build a coaching culture in your workplace


All educators, from teachers through to principals and system leaders.


Phase 1 – Program Preparation
Phase 2 – 2-day Workshop
Phase 3 – Recognition of Program Completion

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