Leadership for Middle Leaders Program

The Leadership for Middle Leaders Program enables middle leaders across all schooling sectors to gain exposure to, and learn from, high quality leadership practices, with a particular focus on the effective leadership of teaching and learning.

A middle leader’s responsibilities centre on supporting the creation of expert teaching teams, effective pedagogical practices and systematic curriculum delivery. As such, middle leaders strongly connect teachers in the classroom with the broader school improvement agenda.

This program promotes a culture of willingness to support others in their learning and to know how to do this by providing expert input and coaching.

Program Overview:
The Leadership for Middle Leaders Program will broaden your understanding and enable you to:

  • gain commitment through the process of influence
  • conduct reflective and professional conversations to support teachers to build their capability
  • lead high performance teams to develop collective efficacy
  • become more skilled in building relationships and trust within your team
  • lead learning to ensure consistency of the teaching program and shared understanding of effective teaching
  • strengthen understanding of self and develop your own statement of belief.

Program Structure:

  • Phase 1 – Program Preparation 
  • Phase 2 – Two-day Workshop
  • Phase 3 –  Leadership Challenge Action Project (LCAP) and Coaching
  • Phase 4 – One-day Workshop
  • Phase 5 – LCAP Completion
  • Phase 6 – Recognition of Program Completion

Suitable for: Middle leaders

Next Steps: Leadership for Deputy Principals

Expression of interest:

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