Leading Inclusive School Practices

Leading Inclusive School Practices is a nine-month, multi-phase program that focuses on strengthening the capacities of leaders who lead inclusive practices, to grow in their leadership, support, engagement and motivation of teachers to achieve the best results for all students in schools. A core element of the program is identifying and undertaking a Leadership Challenge Action Plan (LCAP) related to leading inclusive practices in your school environment.

Program Overview:
The Leading Inclusive School Practices Program will enable you to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to:

  • understand yourself as an educational leader of inclusive practices
  • support and develop a collaborative culture of inclusive education
  • give and receive effective feedback for collective improvement of inclusive education
  • lead inclusive practices to positively impact student outcomes
  • create an emotionally aware strength based learning environment
  • expand your knowledge and understanding of leadership capabilities
  • reflect on feedback in relation to leading inclusive practices
  • apply these new learnings to your role in leading inclusive education. 

Program Structure:

  • Phase 1 – Program Preparation
  • Phase 2 – Two-day Workshop
  • Phase 3 – Leadership Challenge Action Project (LCAP) and Coaching
  • Phase 4 – One-day Workshop
  • Phase 5 – LCAP Completion
  • Phase 6 – Recognition of Program Completion

Suitable for:
 All educators who are responsible for leading inclusion in their school

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