This program is built on evidence-based practices that Instructional Leaders demonstrate to be effective in leading and driving school improvement.

The Leading Learning Masterclass is an engaging one-day face-to-face workshop that dives into recognised high-impact research-based practices and strategies to improve Instructional leadership and student outcomes.

“The skills and knowledge that matter in leadership are those that can be connected to, or lead directly to, the improvement of instruction and student performance” – Richard F Elmore


The Leading Learning Masterclass will broaden your understanding of and enable you to:

  • Lead learning through developing an inquiry approach that is evidence informed and ensures the necessary structures, processes and resources are in place to enable stakeholders to achieve great outcomes in a culture of sustained improvement
  • Reflect and review your practice through the lens of clarity, shared accountability, quality assurance, instructional leadership and impact so key actions for individual and school improvement are developed and implemented
  • Build your understanding of how to build a culture focussed on continuous improvement by linking the learning needs of students with the professional learning and practice of teachers


  • One-day face-to-face workshop
  • Readings and reflecting on professional articles and research
  • Discussions and activities with your facilitator and program participants to deepen your understanding of leading learning
  • Participants will be able to interact in a variety of ways to explore a number of high-impact research-based practices and strategies to improve student outcomes


All Educators


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$550 + GST = $605.00


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