Catholic Education, Diocese of Rockhampton 2021

QELi facilitated several Leading Professional & Difficult Conversations Masterclasses for the the Catholic Education, Diocese of Rockhampton in 2021.

The Leading Professional and Difficult Conversations Masterclass is a highly practical one-day face-to-face workshop to build conversational intelligence and develop your skills to lead a range of professional conversations, including the ability to have courageous conversations.

Professional conversations are crucial to school improvement and shape the culture of our organisation. We learn socially, we learn from one another. Leaders need to be able to communicate effectively to build capability, ensure goals are achieved and develop learning through reflective conversations and collaboration.


The Leading Professional & Difficult Conversations masterclass will broaden your understanding of:

  • Improve school culture
  • Build the skills to effectively enter and lead a range of complex conversations
  • Improve overall outcomes through conversations
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how conversations are essential to high performing leadership


  • One-day face-to-face workshop
  • Readings and reflecting on professional articles and research
  • Discussions and activities with your facilitator and program participants to deepen your understanding of professional and difficult conversations
  • Interaction – Participants will be able to interact in a variety of ways to learn how to effectively hold professional and difficult conversations

Program Testimonial

Target Audience

In the Catholic Education, Diocese of Rockhampton, our target audience for these masterclasses was existing and aspiring leaders. We offered the course in each of our geographic areas.

What were the objectives you had in mind for the programs?

Viviane Robinson et. al (2009) recognized that leaders need to be “open to learning” in order to accurately understand and engage with issues and concerns. Our objective was to build and refine the capabilities, skills and dispositions necessary to engage openly, honestly and respectfully in order to progress our vision and mission: great learning outcomes for every student in high quality educational settings.

What impact did the program have for your Diocese?

Many participants came away from the workshop with practical strategies that they could use immediately. Our leaders found the workshops to be engaging, appropriately challenging and relevant to their work.


Realistically, developing the personal and professional attributes to respectfully engage in difficult conversations takes time. The course was a great starting point and introduced skills and strategies that can be practiced so they become a routine part of leaders’ repertoire.

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