National School Improvement Tool Training

QELi and the Department of Education’s School Improvement Unit (SIU) offer training to State School principals and associate school leaders to learn more about how the National School Improvement Tool (NSIT) and school reviews can be used to improve outcomes for students. A helpful introductory course about the NSIT and the department’s school reviews is available on the Learning Place website. For more information please visit the SIU Website.

Training for principals
Principals who complete training can nominate to become a peer reviewer, and as a reviewer, have the opportunity to join a review team, take part in a full school review, see how other schools operate and determine what learnings could be applied to their school community.

Training for associate leaders
Training for associate leaders is open to deputy principals, heads of curriculum, heads of department, heads of special education services, literacy and numeracy support teachers, coaches and lead teachers.

Central Queensland Region

Darling Downs South West Region

Far North Queensland Region

Metropolitan Region

North Coast Region

North Queensland Region 

South East Region