Neuroscience Leadership Programs

QELi, in partnership with Leading Humans, offers a suite of neuroscience leadership programs for individual and whole-school professional development. Neuroleadership, an emerging discipline, takes recent discoveries in neuroscience, particularly social cognitive neuroscience, and applies them in a practical way to the discipline of leadership. The programs are designed and facilitated by Michelle Loch, Leading Humans. Michelle is nationally renowned as a leader in neuroscience, and is a leadership and communications expert in human motivation, powerful conversations and self-leadership.

Michelle is passionate about teaching people how the human brain works and helping leaders to understand ‘why’ they need to change the way they think and behave for greater sustainable success.


“Leading with Substance”
– the Leading Humans Philosophy

Leading humans will never be easy, but it can be easier. We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world that now has five generations in the workplace, all with different ways of looking at the world, with different wants and needs, and with different skills and levels of intelligence. In leadership, we have a fundamental problem – leaders lead humans and yet we don’t truly understand what it means to be human or how to function at our best as humans, or more accurately, we haven’t prioritised this knowledge and understanding in developing as leaders.

In this VUCA world, leaders can no longer rely on technical expertise to engage, motivate and realise the potential of teams, colleagues and themselves. To be sustainable, organisations, and the leaders within them, must become better versions of themselves. This is defined by Leading Humans as Leaders of SubstanceTM.

Leaders are Leaders of SubstanceTM when:

  • They make things happen through exceptional execution and an understanding of human productivity principles
  • People want to work with, and for them. Self-leadership is exemplary and capability to build relationships, engage and motivate is outstanding
  • They create insight and exert positive influence through powerful conversations and help people grow and develop
  • They effectively and respectfully influence the thinking and behavior of those around them, based on their own thought leadership.

Leaders who are qualified to lead in the VUCA world must:

  • Understand how the human brain really works
  • Know how to get the best from their brain
  • Understand the brain’s potential and limitations
  • Learn leadership strategies that work WITH the human brain, not against it.
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Substance Leadership Model