Neuroscience of Leadership

Understanding brain science gives leaders an unfair advantage in people management. Rather than reacting to the behaviour of those around them, imagine if leaders could diagnose it? Imagine if you could scientifically assess why people do what they do (including yourself) and then be able to prescribe more useful, more powerful and more influential responses and resolutions to the normal people challenges leaders deal with – to become leaders of substance.

Join Michelle Loch, one of Australia’s leading experts in neuroleadership and brain-based coaching and training, for a one-day interactive workshop that will explore the neuroscience of leadership, human motivation and influence and enable you to develop a better way to engage, motivate and collaborate with others.

Program Objectives:

The Neuroscience of Leadership program will explore:

  • Why leading humans is so hard
  • A new leadership model for a new age
  • How humans are wired
  • How are you wired (your brain will be mapped!)
  • How to rewire
  • The 6D’s of habit change

Program Structure: Program preparation and a one-day face-to-face session.

Suitable for: All teachers and education professionals, particularly middle leaders, principals and system leaders.

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