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Our programs empower teachers, school leaders and corporate services and school support staff by providing the critical skills, knowledge and practical application to develop leadership capabilities, maximise their potential and reach their leadership goals. Built from our Leadership Framework and Behaviours of Effective Leaders, and grounded in evidence-based research, QELi programs provides access to nationally and internationally renowned facilitators and coaches, include colleagial examples of successful practice and develop capabilities in leadership development, growth coaching, neuroleadership, leading change, promoting trust and developing high performing teams. Programs can be customised for teams within schools, systems and sectors, and are aligned with the professional practices outlined in the Australian Professional Standard for Principals, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

Our longitudinal Leadership Development Pipeline Programs offer educators the opportunity to pursue a progressive continuum of leadership development learning. Programs are available for teachers, middle leaders, deputy principals, principals and sector leaders and can be customised for teams within schools, systems and sectors.

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Leadership Development Pipeline Programs

Our capability and personal development programs in leading change, instructional leadership, promoting trust and developing high performing teams are designed to support all educators, from teachers, through to principals and system leaders, as well as corporate services and school support staff, to improve capacity as leaders. They provide an excellent opportunity to gain critical skills and further knowledge, irrespective of career experience.

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Capability Programs

QELi, in partnership with Leading Humans, offers a suite of neuroscience leadership programs for individual and whole-school professional development. Programs are designed and facilitated by Michelle Loch, renowned nationally as a leader in neuroscience and a leadership and communications expert in human motivation, powerful conversations and self-leadership.

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Neuroscience Leadership Programs

Grounded in contemporary evidence-based research, our thought-leader events and conferences deliver high impact learning environments which unite and empower educators to improve student, school, system and organisational outcomes. The events provide excellent networking opportunities for learning, collaborating and sharing experiences. Recent speakers have included Maggie Farrar, Professor Michael Fullan, Tracey Ezard, Dr Lyn Sharratt, Dr Simon Breakspear and Emeritus Professor Dylan Wiliam.

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Thought Leader Events and Conferences

Our leadership development programs can be customised for all contexts. We can also create tailored professional development solutions to suit specific educational leadership needs of schools, systems and sectors. Customised programs can be delivered on-site, at your school, and at a time that suits your school’s timetable. Partnering between schools, clusters of schools, systems and regions can be a cost-effective way to access leadership experts to deliver short format programs.

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Customised Programs

QELi, in partnership with Growth Coaching International (GCI), offers a suite of coaching programs for professional development. The GCI coaching approach can be applied into a wide range of conversational contexts to create a culture of growth across a school, and to support school leaders with giving constructive feedback, working with teams, influencing others, strengthening communication skills, managing challenging conversations and enhancing questioning, listening and clarifying skills.

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Growth Coaching and Accreditation Programs