Professional Certificate in Instructional Leadership

QELi, in partnership with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne is seeking expressions of interests from educators interested in completing the Professional Certificate in Instructional Leadership in Brisbane. QELi is in discussions with the University of Melbourne to host the program from Semester 2 2020.

Please note, this program requires a minimum of 25 participants for QELi to host the program in Brisbane.

Built on the work of Professors Stephen Dinham and John Hattie, the Professional Certificate in Instructional Leadership course comprises two core subjects (25 percent) of Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Master of Instructional Leadership:

  • Evidence for Learning and Teaching
  • Leading Learning and Teaching

The course offers a taste of the Master of Instructional Leadership and addresses the gap in current educational leadership offerings with a real and constant focus on teaching and learning. 

The learning objectives aim to impact at the school level through the use of evidence based action learning and workplace based projects that enable you to improve student achievement and overall performance in your educational setting. The course embeds a strong emphasis on the use of research and evidence in school leaders’ professional practice, and aligns with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership National Professional Standard for Principals.

After successfully completing the Professional Certificate in Instructional Leadership you will be eligible for 25 credit points towards the Master of Instructional Leadership.

Course Delivery

The Professional Certificate in Instructional Leadership will be delivered over six months and includes eight days of face-to-face workshops (four days per subject) held in Brisbane.

  • Subject 1: Evidence for Learning and Teaching
    Evidence for Learning and Teaching focuses on how school leaders know that teachers and students are learning in positive ways throughout a school setting. You will explore the current evidence-base about what works best; what criteria can be developed to make decisions about success; how to develop a program logic for your leadership role; and how to evaluate the impacts of leadership decisions on both teachers’ and students’ learning.

    Workshop 1: Thursday 6 and Friday 7 August 2020
    Workshop 2: Tuesday 8 September and Wednesday 9 September 2020

  • Subject 2: Leading Learning and Teaching
    Leading Learning and Teaching critically examines the research evidence linking quality teaching with student outcomes within the context of contemporary educational theory, policy and practice. The role of leadership is a central focus, in particular, approaches to instructional leadership in promoting, developing and providing quality teaching and student learning. You will consider successful change management, effective teacher professional learning, and the importance of evidence and data.

    Workshop 1: Term 1 2021
    Workshop 2: Term 2 2021

Assessment Requirements

Formal assessment will be required for each subject. Assessment will be workplace-based and will include essays, reports and a group presentation. A total of 5,000 words will be set for each subject.

Entry Requirements

  • An appropriate four-year degree in education; or
  • A postgraduate diploma in the field of education; and
  • At least two years of documented relevant professional experience.

Registration Process

You will be required to register with QELi in the first instance. Upon receiving confirmation from QELi, you will then need to complete the University of Melbourne’s course application process, including providing information about your qualifications (such as copies of transcripts, certificates etc) and proof of citizenship (passport). 


The cost for the program is $9,400+GST. QELi will offer payment options. We are currently in discussions with the University to confirm arrangements for participants to access FEE-HELP. 

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