The Coaching Accreditation Program (Phases 1-3) is designed to:

  • Build confidence and skill to use the GROWTH Coaching System in a range of coaching contexts
  • Offer access to GROWTH coaching system resources, tools and techniques
  • Share access to the GCI reflective practice supervision process
  • Offer an opportunity to proceed smoothly to full accreditation status in Phase 4
  • Provide recognised prior learning at certain post-graduate university courses


20 available
Coaching Accreditation Program Phases 1 to 3 Face-to-Face Cohort 2 2022$2,250.00

Welcome & Preparation

From: 2 May 2022
To: 2 May 2022
Location: Online

You will receive your welcome email with pre-work to be completed.

Workshop 1 (Phase 1)

From: 19 May 2022 8:15AM
To: 20 May 2022 4:30 PM
Location: Pullman Hotel, Brisbane

This phase will provide a balance of theory and practical application, including significant modelling of coaching practice. Participants will have opportunities to practise coaching in a highly supportive environment.

Introduction and intensive training in the following concepts and coaching applications will be provided:
• Introduction and overview: coaching and leadership
• Definitions: What coaching is and isn’t
• The GCI Elements of Good Coaching Practice
• The 8 step GROWTH coaching model: An in-depth exploration of each step in the GROWTH model
• 8 key coaching skills
• The coaching ‘Way of Being’, including Emotional Intelligence, values and coaching practice
• Goal setting

These 2 days will include practical modelling and practising of coaching skills, methods and techniques.

Practical Application (Phase 2)

From: 21 May 2022
To: 7 August 2022
Location: In-school/Online

Flexible external learning phase, including phone coaching practice sessions with other participants, readings, viewing videos, and workplace coaching practice sessions.

A thorough outline of expectations of Phase 2 will be provided at the Phase 1 workshop. Phase 2 serves to build upon and reinforce concepts introducted during Phase 1.

This phase will include:
• Modelling by GCI facilitators through video on the GROWTH coaching model and a recommended structure of individual practice sessions focusing on:
o Managing the contract, building the relationship and goal setting
o Establishing insight and learning, outcomes and action orientation
o Coaching on relationships in the workplace
o Focus on coaching ‘way of being’
• Participants coaching each other based on the materials covered to date
• Phone coaching skill development
• Participants will explore typical coaching scenarios and be provided with a range of tools and techniques to address those in the coaching process. This will include goals associated with leadership development, time management, performance management.
• Participants will also complete workplace coaching practice sessions

Note: Participants will cover their own costs for phone connections associated with Phase 2 coaching practice.

Workshop 2 (Phase 3) & Certificate

From: 8 August 2022 8:15 AM
To: 9 August 2022 4:30 PM
Location: Pullman Hotel, Brisbane

A significant focus of Phase 3 includes input and modelling giving feedback in coaching. This Phase will again have modelling of coaching and considerable time given to practice.

Specifically, the 2 days will address:
• Review of coaching experiences to date
• Giving feedback in coaching: Positive, Learning-based and Concern-based feedback
• Overview of the positive strength-based theoretical perspectives underpinning the GCI approach
• Facilitating change in coaching
• Establishing the right environment for successful coaching
• Identification of individual coaching goals for skill/knowledge development
• Leadership coaching: Practical and ethical issues, establishing a coaching agreement, accountability and record tracking
• Action planning through a group coaching process

At the end of the 2 days participants will be awarded their certificate of completion.


20 available
Coaching Accreditation Program Phases 1 to 3 Face-to-Face Cohort 2 2022$2,250.00
AUD $2,250.00 +GST
= AUD $2,475.00
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