Leadership for Principals Face-to-Face 2022

Program Objectives

The Leadership for Principals Program will broaden your understanding and enable you to:

  • Lead learning through developing and inquiry approach that is evidence informed and ensures the necessary structures, processes and resources are in place to enable stakeholders to achieve great outcomes in a culture of sustained improvement
  • Reflected and reviewed their practice through the lens of clarity, shared accountability, quality assurance, instructional leadership and impact so key actions for individual and school improvement are developed and implemented
  • Built their understanding of how to build a culture focused on continuous improvement by linking the learning needs of students with the professional learning and practice of teachers
  • Unpacked, planned and implemented the Seven Levers of Instructional leadership in the key levers of Instructional (Data Driven Instruction, Instructional Planning, Observation and Feedback, Professional Development) and Culture (Student Culture, Staff Culture and Managing School leadership Teams)


30 available
Leadership for Principals Face-to-Face 2022$2,995.00

Welcome & Preparation

From: 30 May 2022
To: 27 July 2022
Location: Online

– Welcome email with pre-work – 30 May 2022
– 360-degree LEAP Ed Exec (Leadership Effectiveness & Aptitude Profile) survey – 30 May to 24 Jun 2022
– 360-degree LEAP Ed Exec Report 1 hour debrief with expert QELi coach – 5 & 6 Jul 2022

Workshop 1

From: 28 July 2022 8:15 AM
To: 29 July 2022 4:00 PM
Location: ACU Leadership Centre, Brisbane

– Explore leadership theories and models including:
–– Leading Learning & Evidence
–– High Performing Teams
–– Student, Staff & Parent Culture
–– Clarity & Accountability
–– Distributive Leadership
– Engage with feedback from your 360-degree survey to develop a personalised leadership goal
– Leadership Challenge Action Project (LCAP). You will identify a leadership project within your current role that will enable you to reflect on and grow your leadership capacity
– Establish a collegial network

Practical Application

From: 30 July 2022
To: 23 November 2022
Location: Online

– Implementation of your LCAP commences
– 1 hour coaching session with expert QELi coach – 18 to 26 Aug 2022
– Connect with your collegial network buddy for reflection on progress
– Online (monthly) pulse check surveys
– Online (monthly) learning challenges

Workshop 2

From: 24 November 2022 8:15 AM
To: 25 November 2022 4:00 PM
Location: ACU Leadership Centre, Brisbane

– Explore leadership theories and models including:
–– Systemness
–– Strategic Leadership
–– Decision Making
–– Leadership for Innovation
–– Resilience
– Present and celebrate your LCAP success
– Define and plan for ongoing learning

Reflections on Impact

From: 28 November 2022
To: 9 December 2022
Location: Online

– Collaborate with collegial network buddy and finalise LCAP
– Submit reflections on impact survey


From: 13 December 2022
To: 13 December 2022
Location: Online

Certificate of completion awarded


30 available
Leadership for Principals Face-to-Face 2022$2,995.00
AUD $2,995.00 +GST
= AUD $3,294.50
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