Leading at the Speed of Trust 2019

Program Objectives

You will:

  • choose to make building trust an explicit goal of your work
  • learn how others perceive your trustworthiness from your personal tQ™ assessment report
  • discover the real, measurable ‘trust taxes’ you might be paying without realising it
  • learn to change ‘trust taxes’ to ‘trust dividends’, the benefits that come from growing relationships of trust
  • identify leader/manager behaviours that build or erode trust
  • learn to build trust with all key stakeholders or restore it when lost
  • begin using the ‘Language of Trust’ as an important cultural lever

QELi & FranklinCovey


28 available
Leading at the Speed of Trust 2019$1,200.00

Phase 1 - Program Preparation

From: 22 October 2019
To: 21 November 2019
Location: In-school

You receive some pre-readings and will be required to complete FranklinCovey’s Trust Quotient (tQ) 360˚ Assessment which measures individual effectiveness and enhances self-awareness. The survey collects important information from your own self-evaluation and insights from those you interact with regularly, such as peers, leaders and support staff, to help you to reflect and identify strategies for professional growth.

Phase 2 - One-day Workshop

From: 22 November 2019 8:00 AM
To: 22 November 2019 5:00 PM
Location: QELi, Level 14, 201 Charlotte Street, Brisbane

You will explore and discuss the case for trust, self trust, relationship trust, organisational trust, market trust and societal trust.

You will learn to engage your team in a completely different way, be more committed and accountable to results, and it will support and drive your ability to deliver results in a way that inspires trust.


28 available
Leading at the Speed of Trust 2019$1,200.00
AUD 1200 +GST
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