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with Vic Zbar

Tuesday 9 November 2021, 3.30pm to 5pm QLD Time

The Webinar will examine how change for improvement typically occurs in schools as a prelude to outlining the three stages of whole school improvement and the key strategies associated with each. It will also outline the centrality that leadership has for driving improvement consistently through a school.

By the end of the session participants will have had an introduction to:

  • how school improvement typically happen
  • diagnosing the stage of development of their school
  • determining the appropriate strategies to move the school to the next stage in accordance with their annual improvement plan
  • The centrality of leadership

This session will also include the opportunity for a Q&A.

Vic Zbar has extensive consultancy and project management experience and is recognised internationally for his writing on education and a range of education reports. Prior to the establishment of Zbar Consulting, Vic was the Assistant Director of Human Resources in the Victorian Department of Education, having earlier been principal adviser to the Chief Executive, giving him an in-depth knowledge of the work of most aspects of the then Office of Schools. He is a widely published author in both education and management. In 2014, Vic conducted a Ministerial Review of Middle Schooling for the Northern Territory. He is the co-author with Pamela Macklin of Driving School Improvement (2nd ed.): Practical Strategies and Tools.


Tickets are no longer available.


Tickets are no longer available.
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