Welcome to QELi TV’s Webinar Series. Live and informative teachings from a variety of thought leaders, covering society’s most pressing topics. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to expand your skillset through dynamic digital workshop sessions. These webinars provide you with ample strategies and ideas, which can be directly transferred into your schools and workplaces.


100 available
Presence & Communication with Ben Walden$70.00

Behavioural Development of Outstanding Teaching with Ben Walden

Thursday 9 September 2021, 9:00am to 10:30am QLD time

This webinar looks at what makes a really outstanding communicator across the school community, both in the classroom and in our interaction with fellow staff members and parents.

This webinar examines a range of skills during the session including:

  • Physical and vocal presence
  • Emotional Intelligence skills with the many different personalities we encounter
  • Maintaining our own sense of purpose and well being
  • Encouraging leadership initiative at all levels
  • Meeting challenges with enthusiasm and resilience
  • In short, the behavioural development of outstanding teaching and management practice used at every level of school life.

This is aimed to be an inspirational online input that can offer real meaning and purpose alongside crucial tools for development.

This session will also include the opportunity for a Q&A.

Ben Walden is an international speaker and workshop leader in the realm of education. He has been a main keynote speaker at many conferences in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. He also works with many individual schools, looking at themes of leadership and inspiring communication with both staff and – especially – students. In the 1990’s he played several leading roles in London’s West End theatre and as a member of the inaugural company at the new Shakespeare’s Globe. He has also spoken on leadership and the arts at many business conferences, including at both Harvard and Columbia Business Schools


100 available
Presence & Communication with Ben Walden$70.00


100 available
Presence & Communication with Ben Walden$70.00
AUD $70.00 +GST
= AUD $77.00
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