Taming Email Tiger Cohort 1 2018

Program Objectives

You will learn to:

  • Establish best practice processes and solutions for improved management of incoming email, especially the integration of email with other aspects of Outlook, such as the Calendar.
  • Measure and create awareness of impact of current email practices and stimulate motivation for change.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time and cost spent reading, writing and handling email (by 25-40 percent) and increase effectiveness.
  • Reduce the constant stream of email interruptions and minimise impact on higher priority tasks and projects.
  • Get your inbox empty, keep it under control and improve email-filing structures to allow for quicker storage and retrieval of messages and attachments, and eliminate a major cause of frustration, dissatisfaction, stress and ‘burnout’.
  • Shift your working paradigm from email-based, interruption-driven and reactive, to a more calendar-based, plan-driven, focused and proactive style.
  • Improve communication content and style through emails.
  • Implement a 90-day plan of action.

Phase 1 - Program Preparation

From: 11 June 2018
To: 11 July 2018
Location: In-school

You will complete an eProductivity Benchmarking Audit to benchmark your current email management practices and the impact that email and information overload has on your workplace productivity and effectiveness.

Phase 2 - One-day Workshop

From: 12 July 2018 8:00 AM
To: 12 July 2018 4:30 PM
Location: QELi, Level 14, 201 Charlotte Street, Brisbane

You will discuss and explore best practice skills and strategies for improving email productivity, including handling, processing and storing incoming emails and integrating email with the rest of your workload.

Phase 3 - Self-paced Learning Resources and Guides

From: 13 July 2018
To: 31 August 2018
Location: In-school

Phase 4 - Assessment and Debrief

From: 1 September 2018
To: 30 September 2018
Location: In-school
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