Program Objectives

Through the application of mindfulness theory, school improvement research, and leveraging systems thinking approaches, this practical whole-staff wellbeing workshop will support participants to:

  • Build capacity and efficacy of their schools’ professional workforce
  • Influence the systemic school-based factors that impact people’s wellbeing
  • Drive a more positive culture for leading, teaching and learning


30 available
The Mindful Educator – School Leader Performance & Wellbeing Professional Learning Face-to-Face 2022$950.00

Welcome & Preparation

From: 22 August 2022
To: 22 August 2022
Location: Online

Participants will receive their welcome and preparation email.


From: 9 September 2022 8:15 AM
To: 9 September 2022 4:00 PM
Location: ACU Leadership Centre, Brisbane

Participants will attend a 1-day face-to-face workshop covering the following topics.

The Internal Landscape – Best Possible Self:
This initial episode in the series provides learners with the opportunity to reconnect with who they want to be as an educator and to explore what gets in the way. Using the ACT model participants identify the challenges presented within their own internal landscape and consider the importance of effectively navigating these thoughts and emotions.

– Best Possible Self – a profession with practice: educator values and behaviours
– Internal Landscape – a barrier to wellbeing and performance
– Psychological Flexibility: managing our thoughts and emotions more effectively

The Social Landscape – Collective Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Effective Practice:
This session draws from core findings from the scientific research literature to explore what it means to be a Mindful Educator within the social learning environment and how mindfulness can provide a foundation for highly effective team-based practices.

– The Mindful Educator
– The Science of Mindfulness
– Occupational Stress Management – psychosocial hazards in the workplace
– Highly Effective Teams – team performance research and practice
– Dispositions of Highly Effective Practitioners

The Professional Landscape – Systemic Improvement:
In the final episode; working either independently or in teams, the group thoroughly considers teacher and team wellbeing and performance by mapping the systemic elements of the school social-ecosystem. These dimensions include the professional mindsets, psycho-social hazards, stakeholders and practice-based interventions.

– The School Professional Learning Culture and Team-based Improvement Interventions
– Systems thinking and School Improvement
– Improving workplace cultures and practices
– Bringing it all together and connecting to the school’s improvement narrative


From: 14 September 2022
To: 14 September 2022
Location: Online

Participants will be awarded their Certificate of Completion via email


30 available
The Mindful Educator – School Leader Performance & Wellbeing Professional Learning Face-to-Face 2022$950.00
AUD $950.00 +GST
= AUD $1,045.00
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