Revolutionise Your Inbox Online Training Workshops

QELi, in conjunction with Solutions for Success, is delighted to offer Time and cost-effective online training programs to help you get control of your email and workload.


“This course was a thorough rebuilding of understanding of what email is and how it can be managed and utilised for best effect.”

Bart Kohler | Systems Engineering Manager | Mercedes Benz

“May I say I am enjoying the weekly get together for this workshop. I feel if I had completed the one day I may not have achieved as much. Having an hour a week keeps it at the front of mind and you have a week to practice what you have learned and I think this helps to make it a habit.”



These days, email is central to almost everything you do in your role. It is something you use all day, every day. It’s the main method of managing your workload and yet you’ve probably had little or no formal training in how to do this effectively. Here’s an opportunity to elevate and enhance your skills in this area.

The research shows that by using email best practices, you can save 74 minutes per day. That equates to 39 full working days per year or 15-18% of salary cost per person per year. This online program teaches you the latest, cutting edge strategies and techniques to get control of your email and workload. What you learn will free up a surprising amount of time, energy and headspace that can be used for higher priority tasks, projects and activities.

The typical challenges that prevent busy executives, EAs, admin and support staff from getting the specialised professional development they need are time and money. That’s why we’ve designed this time and cost-effective online format for the highly popular and successful Revolutionise Your Inbox program.

There are three key strategies needed to get control of email

You must get control of when you give your attention to this aspect of your work

You need a consistent and effective method or system for processing email

You want to be able to file and retrieve email easily and quickly


This online workshop unpacks a strategic, systematic method for managing your incoming email and workload. What you learn will shift your working focus from being inbox-based, interruption-driven and reactive to one that is calendar-based, plan-driven and proactive. You will save around 29 to 48 days per year and 15-18% of salary cost per person per year and free up time, energy and headspace for higher-order thinking and priorities.

Bottom line is that you will achieve more of the work that really matters and the things by which your performance is evaluated.

This series of short, sharp online workshops provides bite-sized learning opportunities (just 60 minutes each time) that are especially well suited to online format;

  • plenty of ‘live’ interaction with chat, Q&A, whiteboard, audio and video options that keep everyone engaged and involved
  • the online format allows you to participate in the webinar on one screen and immediately implement the ideas and techniques in your inbox on a second screen.
  • No need to leave your desk, minimising time off the job or away from the desk
  • online coaching using screen sharing for show ‘n tell and to quickly troubleshoot any difficulties or obstacles you encounter
  • No travel costs for presenter or participants



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