Revolutionise Your Inbox

Email is probably the biggest time waster and source of frustration in modern business life. It’s also the leading cause of preventable productivity loss in organisations today. With so much information, communication and workload arriving via email, the inbox has become the central location for our activities each day. 

The answer to improving productivity and revolutionising the inbox is by improving our skill set for managing emails by considering an integrated approach. Email overload is not truly the problem – it’s often the lack of process.

Revolutionise Your Inbox is a fast-paced, information-rich, one-day interactive program that demonstrates proven strategies and processes to help you get control of your inbox and master your email. What you learn will change the way you work … forever!

It is recommended that you bring a laptop or device to this highly practical program.

Program Structure: eProductivity Benchmarking Diagnostic, introductory video, face-to-face session, post-workshop webinar and self-paced learning resources and guides. 

Suitable for: Educators and corporate services and school support staff, including school business managers, HR, marketing, finance, IT and administration personnel. 

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