QELi, in partnership with Teach Like a Champion, is proud to present Doug Lemov, author of Teach Like a Champion. Former teacher, principal and charter-school founder Doug Lemov will present a keynote presentation on the new Teach Like a Champion 3.0.

Teach Like a Champion 3.0 is the revised, expanded, and up-to-date revision of Doug Lemov’s study of the craft of teaching including exploration of how to: check for understanding, raise academic expectations, increase the ratio of the cognitive work students do, motivate and engage students, make classrooms more writing-intensive, improve discussions, and anticipate when it is necessary to redirect student behaviour so it is positive and productive. This masterclass is for those who have already completed Teach Like a Champion – Systems and Routines and will build upon these essential foundations.


By completing the TLAC 3.0 workshop, participants will build their understanding of Teach Like a Champion and hear from schools who have implemented this program.

This one-day face-to-face presentation and workshop will focus on the key updates in Teach Like a Champion 3.0:

  • Connecting the techniques more explicitly to cognitive and social sciences
  • Reflections on the book’s place in classrooms and schools where diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical issues
  • Unpacking new techniques (e.g. Exemplar Planning, Retrieval Practice, Knowledge Organisers, Means of Participation)
  • Reviewing techniques
  • Plan for school implementation of Teach Like a Champion 3.0


  • One-day face-to-face workshop
  • A Livestream Keynote presentation by Doug Lemov
  • Unpacking and discovering the key elements of Teach Like a Champion 3.0
  • Practitioners voice – participants will hear from schools and educators who have successfully implemented Teach Like a Champion
  • Networking with other Teach Like a Champion schools


This workshop is open to all schools and educators


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$750 + GST = $825.00

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Doug Lemov is Co-Managing Director of the Teach Like a Champion team, a division within Uncommon Schools that studies teaching and develops highest-quality training and curriculum. He is the author of Teach Like a Champion, (now in its 3.0 version) as well as The Coach’s Guide to Teaching and coauthor with TLAC team colleagues of Teaching in the Online Classroom, Practice Perfect, and Reading Reconsidered. He holds a BA in English from Hamilton College, an MA in English from Indiana University, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

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