Teach Like a Champion: Systems and Routines

QELi, in partnership with Uncommon Schools, is proud to support teachers and leaders with ‘train the trainer’ sessions on techniques from Teach Like a Champion. Former teacher, principal and charter-school founder Doug Lemov authored Teach Like a Champion after observing teachers getting exceptional results. He realised by naming and describing successful teacher techniques, coupled with short focused video clips of the techniques in action, the practices could be easily shared with others. 

Teach Like a Champion: Systems and Routines is a one month, multi-phase program that focuses on the techniques that champion teachers use to design, install and maintain systems and routines that students can adopt with little-to-no teacher prompting, such as raising hands, passing papers, annotating texts, or participating in a discussion. 

Upon completing the program, you will be equipped to return to your school and train others in the techniques.

Program Structure: Pre-readings, a face-to-face session and end of program follow-up.
Suitable for: All educators, from teachers through to principals and system leaders. The program prepares instructional leaders and school leadership teams to deliver Teach Like a Champion: Systems and Routines training in their school context. Schools typically send a team of two to five instructional leaders and teachers.

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