QELi is delighted to partner with Dr Simon Breakspear to offer the Team Health: How Forward Thinking Groups can Create Collective Impact Together Webinar.

Sustained and meaningful educational improvement is a team endeavour. A school, or indeed an education system, can be best understood as a team of teams. Lifting the engagement and sustainable performance of our teams requires a longer-term approach which intentionally enhances team health and sustainably improves team dynamics.


This practical session explores:

  • What great teamwork looks and feels like
  • Why team culture is everybody’s responsibility
  • Crafting a shared direction and the importance of team mental models
  • Making better use of evidence and improving the quality of decision making
  • How to execute together despite busyness
  • Developing team psychological safety as a platform for learning, innovation and growth
  • Practical approaches for monitoring and enhancing team health over time


The webinar is suitable for Teachers and leaders in all areas of education.


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Dr Simon Breakspear, FACILITATOR

Dr Simon Breakspear is a researcher, policy advisor and speaker on education policy, practice and change. Simon develops frameworks, tools and programs that make evidence-based ideas easy to understand and apply. Simon and his team partner with schools and systems around the world. Over the last decade he has worked with over 100,000 educators across 10 countries, and is known for his engaging, practical and evidence-informed approach.

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