The Mindful Leader

Improve your effectiveness as a leader, and connect yourself with a network of principals and senior leaders from across Australia

QELi, in partnership with the Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW) is delighted to offer principals and senior leaders the opportunity to join the AIS Leadership Centre’s leading self program, The Mindful Leader.

Data from the National Principal Wellbeing Survey (Riley, 2014) indicates that school principals experience high levels of work related stress, competing demands and work overload, all which have a negative impact on their health and wellbeing. Mindfulness programs are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces as a way to assist individuals to manage stress and enhance performance.

The Mindful Leader has been designed by AISNSW to assist principals and school leaders to improve their performance and effectiveness and increase their creativity, energy, balance, resilience and leadership capability. PhD research currently tracking school principals in Australia who have undertaken similar mindfulness training is demonstrating a profound impact on personal wellbeing and a heightened awareness of the impact individuals have on their schools.

The Mindful Leader program introduces concepts of mindfulness and mental effectiveness and explores how simple, but powerful mindfulness techniques can radically transform leadership capabilities. Leveraging the latest scientific research, the program explores eight key mental strategies that introduce methods and tools to cultivate more helpful mind states, conducive to enhancing leadership performance and improving personal wellbeing.

Program structure: Four by four-hour face-to-face sessions over four months

Face-to-face sessions: Tuesday 14 May 2019, Wednesday 12 June 2019, Friday 26 July 2019 and Friday 23 August 2019

Suitable for: Principals and senior leaders

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