QELi, in conjunction with Steuart Snooks Enterprises Pty Ltd, is delighted to offer this online training program to help you achieve greater clarity and comprehension in your email (and other) written communications, to use language and tone that builds rapport and creates agreement, to speed up email turnaround time and to enhance your reputation as a clear communicator.

These days, more and more communications are being sent via digital, written channels rather than as spoken or verbal conversations.

Despite a plethora of other tools, the majority of these messages are being sent via email (circa 80%).

The challenge is now to be able to write messages that:

  • get attention
  • engage interest and
  • stimulate a timely response from the other reader in about 2 to 4 seconds!


  • Use email only when appropriate
  • Write subject lines that ‘cut through’ and get attention
  • Structure messages to engage and stimulate interest
  • Get your email tone ‘just right’ 
  • Write concisely and deliver messages with timeliness
  • Simplify keeping track of emails that need you to follow up


  • Understand appropriate email etiquette when writing email 
  • Create greater clarity and comprehension in your email communications
  • Use language and tone that builds rapport and creates agreement
  • Speed up email response and turnaround time
  • Enhance your reputation as a clear communicator


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Principals, Vice Principals, Admin & Support Staff, Senior Executives and all educators from Teachers to System Leaders


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$995 + GST = $1,094.50

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