from adversity to achievement    

with Ben Sacco, The MacKillop Institute


QELi in partnership with The MacKillop Institute, is pleased to offer the Trauma-informed practice in schools webinar.

There is a growing recognition nationally and internationally, in schools and educational organisations that complex childhood trauma has a detrimental impact to the developing body and brains during early childhood.

Research tells us that adverse childhood experiences negatively impact a child’s ability to learn and engage with schooling in a productive manner and given the large amount of time that children spend at school, teachers have been identified as important stakeholders when helping children in the process of recovery and healing.

This increase in evidence regarding trauma-informed practice within schools is very promising. This webinar provides a short overview of current practices and how they can be consistently employed and adapted for all children.

If we could collectively achieve this perhaps there would be a generation of children grow up with increased self-regulation, improved academic and social development, and better mental and physical health outcomes into adulthood.


Through completion of the webinar participants will:

  • learn about building collaborative communities that shift attitudes, beliefs and behaviours about childhood adversity
  • hear about why schools are a critical system for delivering evidence-based interventions
  • reflect on current practice in schools and how to create safe and predictable learning environments, reframing our approaches
  • deepen their understanding of how to create the preconditions for improved teaching, learning and wellbeing and the application of research into daily practice.


The program is suitable for all educators.


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Ben Sacco

Ben is a strategic thinker with over 15 years in education and business Management.

He has been a Teacher, Assistant Principal and Senior Officer (Department of Education), working across staff and student wellbeing, curriculum design, policy development and implementation.

His leadership experience spans government, corporate and non-profit sector organisations.

Ben has a proven track record of building longitudinal national and international partnerships and is known for building trusted relationships and partnering for meaningful impact.

About The MacKillop Institute

The MacKillop Institute is a part of MacKillop Family Services, and was established to share the experience, expertise, and evidence-based programs of MacKillop Family Services with the wider community. The MacKillop Institute draws on a wealth of experience from MacKillop Family Services’ work across Australia and the commitment of their CEO, Dr Robyn Miller, to identify, promote, and independently evaluate good practice. The Institute empowers other organisations with evidence-informed programs and services that promote wellbeing, resilience, and learning, based on our deep understanding of the impacts of adversity, change, loss, grief, and trauma.

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