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2017-18 Annual Report Announcement

“The experiences of this year have solidified our commitment to the QELi vision of excellence in education leadership and helped the organisation to further define our approach to achieve this.”

In 2017-18, QELi delivered a range of outstanding programs for educators, building the capability of more than 4,450 educators across Australian government and non-government schooling sectors and internationally, and strengthened relationships with delivery partners, participants and systems within and beyond Queensland. This achievement represents a 47 per cent increase in participation rates compared to 2016-17 and affirms QELi’s reputation as a provider of evidence-informed, cost-effective professional development that meets participant, school and system needs.

Feedback and co-design remain major focuses of our approach. Our overall program satisfaction rating, on average of 4.6 out of 5, reflects our participants’ satisfaction with the high-quality and actionable learning they experience in our programs. Follow-up research with participants up to 18 months after completing QELi programs found that our programs had a ‘major to significant’ impact on 80 per cent of our participants’ leadership practices, confirming the long-term positive influence of our programs on the sector.

In 2018-19, we will continue to deliver the highest-impact programs at the best possible price, work closely with educational sectors and partners in industry, and operate as an efficient and high-functioning team to ensure the future success of the organisation.

Neil McDonald
Chief Executive Officer, QELi

Our Year at a Glance

High-Quality Programs


We strengthened our partnerships with: 

Queensland Department of Education

Independent Schools Queensland 

Queensland Catholic Education Commision


Highlights from our partnership with Growth Coaching International:

Organisational Strength

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