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CEO Research Roundup: 20 August 2018

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Research in Education

The demographic profile of Australian school leaders has significant bearing on our leadership strategies and was highlighted in Gonski 2.0 as an impetus for efforts to expand the pool of future school leaders. A new report from the UK Department of Education examined demographics of school leaders in six high-performing countries as well as evidence of what works in selection and development of school principals.

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There has been significant interest in the delayed release of 2018 NAPLAN results due to concerns about data comparability, as reported online this week in The Conversation. While some state and territories, like Queensland, have expressed concern and said the delay demonstrates the need for a review of NAPLAN, this article explains the data comparability issue and argues that it is data misuse, not data validity, that educators should be concerned about.

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Engaging young people in education is not only important to schools, but to society more broadly. An article originally published in The Conversation, reflects on an ACER report released in May and other international research about the impact of student feelings of ‘belonging’ at school. It also discusses what schools can do to support the emotional, behavioural and social development of all students –particularly those at greater risk of disengagement.

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How useful is the Gonski 2.0 report? In this podcast, Maxine McKew facilitates a debate between the University of Melbourne’s Professor Jim Watterson and Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, Mark Scott about what the report does and doesn’t get right. An extract of the conversation is also available online.

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Education systems around the world recognise that feedback helps teachers to improve their instructional practice. This paper, based on a nationally-representative survey conducted in the USA, looks at teachers’ own perceptions around the feedback they receive and the evaluation systems in their own schools.

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In an increasingly globalised world where technology and communications are transforming workforce needs, schools are looking to prepare young people for the jobs and society of the future. In June 2018, the Mitchell Institute held a policy roundtable at which experts from business, government, and research institutions discussed how industry and schools can partner in new ways to support the future of young people. A full report based on their discussion is now available online and has great insight into school-industry partnerships.

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With the Australian Government recently announcing an expansion of the Early Learning Languages Australia program, this article is a timely reminder of the impact of language skills on other social and academic outcomes for children.

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