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CEO Research Roundup: 24 June 2019

I am delighted to be sharing this fortnightly news and insight blog, offering short summaries of the latest news and studies, reports, and opinions across the education arena. If there is a topic, report or event you would like QELi to explore, please email your thoughts to

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Research in Education

How will schooling change over the next 10 years?

What are some pressing issues that educators are likely to face over the next decade? In 10 years, what will classrooms look like? And, what role will artificial intelligence have in changing the ways schools operate? Professor Neil Selwyn, Faculty of Education, Monash University shares his insight in this article from ACER Teacher. 

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A ‘model code’ on free speech at universities – what is it and do unis need it?

The federal education minister, Dan Tehan, has called on universities to implement a model code to protect freedom of speech and academic freedom on campus. He’s referring to the code drafted by a former High Court chief justice, Robert French, in his review of freedom of speech in Australian universities. So, what does that code look like? And should universities be adopting it? Professor Katherine Gelber, The University of Queensland and Professor Kristine Bowman, Michigan State University, explain in this article from The Conversation. 

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Tips for designing an engaging learning environment

In the most recent version of the UDL Guidelines, which appears in Universal Design for Learning: Theory and Practice, engagement appears in the first column, emphasising its essential role in the perception and strategic action necessary for learning. In a UDL space, learners are engaged through deliberate design of the learning environment. How can educators design learning environments that support the growth and development of purposeful, motivated learners? This article from CAST Professional Learning shares 10 UDL tips for designing an engaging learning environment.  

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Are you making the most of your professional learning? 

Enhance your professional learning: See how you can make the most of your professional learning. New guides from AITSL can help you identify high quality offerings and build a culture of improvement in your school — or learn from other schools by watching video case studies. AITSL shares the top seven insights gained from talking to teachers about their learning.

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Diversity: the inclusive leader

There’s no longer any doubt that diversity is good for business performance. According to this article from Korn Ferry, what the headlines gloss over – or miss altogether – is that simply building diverse teams isn’t a silver bullet. Leaders have to be able to activate and engage those diverse teams; they have to be inclusive of the multifarious viewpoints, perspectives and styles that diverse teams offer. Inclusive leadership is what makes diversity work.

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