CEO Research Roundup

CEO Research Roundup: 3 December 2018

The festive season is quickly approaching and holidays are beginning. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support of QELi this year and again acknowledge the outstanding teaching and leadership that is happening every day in school communities around the nation. On behalf of the QELi team, I would like to wish you a very happy and safe holiday period. We are very excited about our 2019 leadership and capability programs and we look forward to continuing to support you to reach your leadership goals.

I hope you enjoy this brief summary of news and research in education and, as always, welcome any feedback about topics of interest that you might like to see QELi explore in greater detail.

Neil McDonald
Chief Executive Officer, QELi

Research in Education

The future of schooling: new research paper  

A recent paper commissioned by the Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA) and authored by Professor Alan Reid suggests that clarity and agreement are required around national education policy, including whether standardisation (in school choice, testing, and curriculum) or a flexible future-focused approach will shape the way forward. Launching the report, ASPA President Andrew Pierpoint said that it will be relevant to schools across all year levels and sectors and was intended to spark debate and engagement in discussions about the future of schooling. Of particular interest is the attention to school leadership, with ASPA recommending a high-quality national leadership program for school leaders across all career phases from emerging leader to retirement.

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What do children and young people value and seek most? 

What do children and young people value and seek most? According to a major project that engaged with more than 7,000 young Queenslanders, they want to have their voices and ideas heard, to have more direct face-to-face connections, and to have the time and support of their families and significant adults. The Growing up in Queensland report was released by the Queensland Family and Child Commission on World Children’s Day and explores young peoples’ aspirations, their sense of community, and their views about solutions to ‘big picture’ issues.

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Young people want life skills and practical capabilities: UNICEF

In another World Children’s Day report, UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children says that young people want to be prepared with life skills and practical capabilities such as knowing how to manage personal finances. This article by The Educator summarises the full report, which has a particular focus on the place of digital technology in lives of young people around the world.

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2018 Global Teacher Status Index

A study of public attitudes towards teaching has found that in Asian countries including China, Malaysia and Taiwan teachers enjoy higher status and levels of respect, compared to countries in Europe and South America where attitudes toward the profession are more pessimistic. The 2018 Global Teacher Status Index reports on research into attitudes around the perceived public value of education and attitudes toward teachers in 35 countries (Australia was not included) and finds a strong correlation between teacher pay and public status of the profession.

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Talking Teaching Podcast

In the latest Talking Teaching podcast from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Professor Glyn Davis says “as teachers, we participate in the unbroken transmission of ideas and mission, renewal and discovery across generations”. Interviewed by Maxine McKew, Davis discusses his perspectives on a wide range of educational matters including respect for the teaching profession, international assessments, school leadership, post-secondary education, and the use of technology in education. A full transcript of the conversation can also be found here.

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Infographics available for teacher use

Infographics can be a great way to highlight important points in a visual and high-impact way for students and peer audiences alike. The Australian Council for Educational Research regularly produces engaging and topical information in infographics that are available for teacher use (with citation), such as this recent summary of advice from educators about reading achievement, hunger, and tiredness.

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