QELi talks ‘perseverance’ with Dr Douglas Reeves, Founder, Creative Leadership Solutions

QELi talks ’90-90-90 schools’ with Dr Douglas Reeves, Founder, Creative Leadership Solutions

“Teaching, leadership, feedback; all the things we can bring to the table matter and they matter as more, or more so, than socioeconomic consequences do. That’s why it’s worthwhile for us to do everything we can, every day, even in conditions of high poverty and high minority enrolment, because we really do make a difference.”

Dr Douglas Reeves discusses his research with 90-90-90 schools. They are schools with 90% poverty, 90% minority enrolment and 90% or more of students who met or exceed state standards. The key factors in achievement can make a difference to all schools around the world.

Dr Douglas Reeves is the founder of the Creative Leadership Solutions, an international organisation dedicated to improving student achievement and educational equity. Through its long-term relationships with school systems, the organsiation helps educators improve student achievement through practical and constructive approaches.

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