QELi talks ‘change’ with Larry Rosenstock, CEO & Founding Principal, High Tech High

QELi talks ‘change’ with Larry Rosenstock, CEO & Founding Principal, High Tech High

“Let’s redefine education for a changing society.”

Larry Rosenstock discusses some of the biggest questions facing educators this century. How can we support our students to develop a new skillset and mindset to succeed in a rapidly changing world? How do we equip them for the impact of ongoing technology advancement and globalisation? What are the implications for a modern school curriculum?

Larry Rosenstock is CEO and founding principal of High Tech High, a network of 11 K-12 public charter schools in California, and is President of the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. Larry taught carpentry in Boston and Cambridge and was principal of the Rindge School of Technical Arts, and of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

A member of the Massachusetts and U.S Supreme Court Bars, he served as an attorney at the Harvard Centre for Law and Education and was a lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He directed the federal New Urban High School Project and was president of the Price Charitable Fund. Larry and his work have been featured on Oprah, Lehrer, Newsweek, and Forbes. He is a winner of the Ford Foundation Innovations in State and Local Government Award, is an Ashoka Fellow, and won the McGraw Prize in Education.

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