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QELi talks about values leading behaviour with Dr Julia Atkin, Education Consultant

“… if some says the practice works, my first question as an educator should really be – why? What is the underlying value? What is the underlying belief that suggests that it’s a good thing to do? I should be able to connect the two things up …”

Dr Julia Atkin shares her thoughts on the critical importance of values leading behaviour. She is a leading authority on integrative, mindful learning and works extensively with schools and education systems to help transform how they design the learning landscape – both pedagogically and physically.

Dr Julia Atkin’s research work focuses on how people learn and think, and how the findings of her research improves the quality of learning and teaching in schools and education systems. She has received a number of prestigious awards in Australia and overseas for teaching, for consultancy, and for curriculum and course material which she has developed. In 2000 she was awarded the Sir Harold Wyndham Medal by the Australian College of Educators for her work with teachers and students and, she was acknowledged by Apple Computers in 2000-2004 as an Apple Distinguished Educator for her work in helping schools and teachers enhance learning with ICT. In 2003, Dr Atkin was named one of Australia’s Smart 100 by Bulletin Magazine after their year-long effort to identify 10 people in 10 fields making a significant difference through innovation.

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